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The Professor's Peril

The Ankh and Archie are gone!

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Welcome To Professor Archibald's Office

The expedition was successful at finding the Ankh of Sotep! However saboteurs attacked the camp and the expedition was separated. According to the news outlets all the artifacts have been recovered but the expedition members know better than that. The missing Artifact was turned over to the group EMBER. One of the expedition members betrayed the rest of the group and gave the Ankh of Sotep to EMBER. It is your job to help the rest of the expedition team find out who betrayed them. Was it….

Professor Archie

Professor of Archeology and Egyptology at Barnet University

Leader of the expedition to find the lost Temple of Sotep. Where the storied Ankh of Sotep was rumored to be hidden and later excavated. Partnered with artist Cassandra McCullum for an art exhibit based off of Ancient Egypt.


Professor Bartholomew -

Linguist Professor at Oxford.

He wrote the book “Language, Mythology and Ancient Cultures - Language, you can thank the Phoenicians”. He devotes most of his time and energy to the studying of the Rosetta Stone.

Professor Margaret - Professor of Botany and Zoo-archeology at Princeton. She is known for her research on the fiddler crab. She wrote the book “The Symphony of the Fiddler Crab and their Movements”. Most of her time is spent in Venezuela and Trinidad research stations. In her off time she loves to study the animals and plants of ancient Egypt.

Captain Markum - Is a ships captain and a wildlife expert. Recently went on a expedition to help map cartographers at the southern most point of South America. Typically based out of Cairo and is the proud owner of his ship the Ellie May. He partners with a navigation company to skipper people up and down the “Niles” of rivers.

Zelia “Zee” Edwards - Famous treasure hunter, known for her signature “Z” that she leaves behind. Hired onto the Sotep to be the muscle of the operation. She is very loyal to the expedition crew but she also has a hefty price tag to ensure everyone’s safety. Loyalty cannot be bought.


One of these explorers did turn over the Ankh, but who did it and why?

Clues around the room...

Click on a clue that you would like to see closer!

Then cast your vote on who did it below.

Who Did It?

Inside Brown Envelope:
Labeled Archie

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Desk Scribbles
What does it say under the moonlight?

Scribbles Under

"Bart, I will make a fake to save your family"

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