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Huzzah!, Wait what?

“Huzzah!” Professor Archie enters the room and exclaims. “I had help from an old friend of mine, Cassandra McCullom. We happened to cross paths on my way home from the digsite, ember was hot on my trail and well. I lent the Ankh to her to procure a fake. Which she did beautifully mind you. So yes EMBER has an Ankh, but (Pause for effect) just the fake. The real Ankh is directly beneath us, through a trap door under the carpet. I am sorry that I disappeared and didn’t trust you with this information, but for everyone’s safety it was our best option to throw EMBER off our trail.”


He leans over his desk and waves his hand over top the golden bird statue, a click can be heard below and the location of the Ankh revealed. Congratulations for figuring out the mystery!


Ready To Keep Playing?

Congrats! You have completed the fourth puzzle.

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