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Foiled! Suddenly the ground falls out from beneath you…

Suddenly the floor starts to crumble beneath your feet, you are falling. You eyes go wide as you realize that this is as far as you will make it on this quest. Just as your eye sight descends beneath the crumbling floor and into the chasm below, a hand juts out and grabs your arm. You are saved! Rescued! Today will not be your day. You look up to see the face of your rescuer, and you can see Zee Edwards, kicks butt explorer. Markum the ships Captain is not too far behind and they both pull you back onto your feet. Slowly you all make your way across the chasm. The Ankh of Sotep is in sight. What a great edition it will be in the British Museum of History. Looking back across the floor you realize the correct passage was: Protect the ankh in the afterlife.


Ready To Keep Playing?

Congrats! You have completed the third puzzle.

Your adventure has just begin! Finished?

Tag your adventures and successful completion stories with @thegreatescapequest.  

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