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Welcome To The Quest

Help Professor Archibald, Professor of Archeology, Find The Lost Ankh

Egyptian Map GEQ.jpg

The Journey Begins

Find The Temple Location

Professor Bartholomew Jenkins has found the entrance to the Temple of Sotep and has left behind a clue of where the rumored entrance is on this map. Unfortunately members of a nefarious organization called EMBER are looking to steal the Ankh of Sotep rumored to be entombed at the temple. Please help professor Archie and the other members find the Temple before it is too late!

Temple Ruins

Crack The Code

Upon arrival of the Temple of Sotep the team stumbled upon an engraving at the entrance that will help the team open the door safely to the temple. Egyptian tombs, temples, and pyramids have been known to set booby traps for unsuspecting grave robbers. Professor Bart our linguist has already translated the letters into english, can you decipher the code?

Egyptian Runes.JPG
Tomb of Ramose

Collapsing Temple

Navigate across the collapsing floor...

Professor Bartholomew has already translated the glyphs on the floor for it to be easier to understand. But the floor is collapsing and there is only one way across. Zee and Markum have agreed to lead the charge across the cavern. 

Professors Peril

Professor's Peril

Shortly after the return from the successful expedition to find the Ankh of Sotep, the explorers have returned to Prof. Archie’s office for a celebration only to find Archie and the Ankh missing! Things are getting heated as the explorers start accusing each other of giving the Ankh to EMBER. What happened to Prof. Archie? What happened to the Ankh? Search the room for more clues.

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