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Oh No! You Did Not Crack The Code.

Darts start shooting out of the stone work around the edges of the door of the temple of Sotep. Unfortunately it looks like we didn’t decipher that puzzle quite correctly. Upon further inspection it looks like the heads of the serpent needed to be aligned towards the sun just like the snakes in the pharaoh’s head piece (Uraeus) that this outcrop is named after.




How Was The Code Deciphered?

Upon further inspection of the tablet in front of you, you notice the words "Serpent and Sun". Your fellow explorers Zee and Markum both moved to grab a head of the stone serpent that was carved into the door. To the explorer’s astonishment, the carved stone budged under their persistent force. A few moments later they were able to twist and turn the gaze of the carved stone serpent toward the sun. *Click* A series of ancient mechanical nosies later the sound of rushing wind escapes from around the now unlocked doors of the Temple of Sotep. We now can press onwards into the temple.


Ready To Keep Playing?

Congrats! You have completed the second puzzle.

Missed a game? You can return to the quest here. 

Finished? Tag your adventures and successful completion stories with @thegreatescapequest.  

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