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The Great Escape Quest

Mobile Escape Rooms

Here at the great escape room quest we combine puzzles with immersive storytelling. To bring you not just a room to escape, but a quest to go on with your closet friends and family.

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We are 100% Mobile

All we require is a 12 x 15 room or bigger inside an event space or home. Outside options are available weather permitting.

The Quests

The Quest:
The Professor's Peril

Professor Archibald has gone missing. As some of his best pupils, the University has sent you into his office to find out the origins of his strange disappearance and perhaps, save the world.

The Journey

The Journey


The Prologue

This moment sets the stage and mindset for the origins of the Quest. It allows our heroes to understand the key characters, the rules, and clarify the parameters and winning conditions.


This is the opportunity to form your team for the Quest. The Brains, the Collector, the Organizer, the Historian, etc. Teamwork will be key for success.

The Quest

This is where each team one by one enters the desired room for their quest. Can they solve the hidden secrets of the room? Will they be successful to complete the room before the time runs out?


In addition to each of our rooms, we here at the great escape room quest like to pair the rooms with a debriefing session. Sessions include topics such as team work, leadership, effective communication, problem solving, and more.


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